Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Warmkins?

A Warmkins is a unique and original plush product offering multiple uses and therapeutic benefits due to its weight, heatability, size, conformability and texture. Some of the features and benefits our Warmkins customers enjoy are listed below;

Its WeightA Warmkins is weighty, making it unique and very different from most plush products. Science has proven that artificial objects can effectively stimulate the subcutaneous mechanoreceptors in the body thus triggering the brain to have similar physiological responses as that of human embrace. Such artificial stimulants tend to be labeled as “weighted sensory tools” and can be used to help sensory disorders such as Autism, ADD/ADHD as well as Depression and Anxiety. It is important to note that we are not making medical claims, just passing on some scientific studies. You’ll have to see for yourself!

Its Heatability – A Warmkins can be heated in the microwave, and offer the same warmth and comforting benefits as any heating pack or warming device on the market. Because of its size and the carefully selected materials used, a Warmkins tends to retain heat longer than most products on the market.

Its SizeA Warmkins size allows it to effectively cover a significantly large field of mechanoreceptors and thermoreceptors, making it exceptionally effective.

Its Conformability – A Warmkins shifts and conforms easily to the body allowing constant contact with both mechanoreceptors and thermoreceptors maximizing comfort and utilization of benefits.

Texture – All Warmkins are made with the finest plush materials available, making them incredibly luxurious to the touch. Their extremities are generously stuffed with cotton fill, for maximum hug-ability and comfort. The characteristics of the heatable fill material can also offer intense tactile stimulation similar to that of a stress ball or anxiety relief tool.

How do I heat my Warmkins?

Microwave heating – Place your Warmkins on a small kitchen towel or paper towel in the center of a clean microwave oven. If you have a Warmkins Signature with a strap and zipper, first remove the heatable insert from the inner cavity and place ONLY the insert in the center of a clean microwave. Heat for approximately 2 minutes depending on the level of heat you desire. If you wish to increase the heat, continue to microwave in 20 second increments to prevent overheating. Do not exceed 3 minutes, as you may burn the fill material for your Warmkins.  (Heating times will vary depending upon microwave wattage and power). Always allow a Warmkins to reach room temperature before reheating to prevent burning fill material. Children should not operate microwave ovens. When removing, TAKE CAUTION as Warmkins may be HOT. Warmkins can “sweat”, just like us! This is normal! Just pat your Warmkins down with the clean/dry kitchen towel or paper towel when removing.

How do I cool a Warmkins?

Place your Warmkins Original in a plastic bag of any type and set in freezer for 1-4 hours, depending on the desired temperature. For a Warmkins Signature, place only the removable bag in freezer.

Why is my Warmkins not scented?

In consideration of Warmkins customers who are sensitive or allergic to fragrances and natural scents, we have opted not to pre-scent our products. We suggest placing 2-3 drops of essential oil such as lavender or eucalyptus on your Warmkins or insert bag if its a Warmkins Signature. Do not saturate inner bag or natural fill material with oil as it will cause damage and may need to be discarded. 

Is my Warmkins washable?

For our Warmkins Signature Line, including all products with a removable heating insert, you may remove the inner bag and wash the plush shell in a gently cycle and tumble press on low. For Warmkins which do not have a removable heating insert, surface cleaned only using a damp cloth or sponge. Do not dampen inner fill material content. You may also dry clean your Warmkins if necessary! DISCARD if inner content becomes wet.

Safety warnings for usage;

If your Warmkins becomes damaged or torn, it must be discarded to ensure the contents are not ingested. Do not use with children under the age of 3 years. Do not use on individuals with impaired sensation or who are unable to care for themselves or communicate clearly. Do not allow direct contact with skin for excessive periods of time as product may cause heat rash or burn skin. Do not overheat as product can burn and will require discarding. Keep dry and away from moisture. If inner content becomes moist, Warmkins may not function properly. Product is to be used with caution and discretion.

Returns and Exchange Policy –

Due to the nature of our product as well as the cause-driven mission of our company, we do not offer returns or exchanges. We welcome customer feedback and are always striving to keep our customers happy and warm! Please send us a message if you wish to communicate concerns or suggestions. We take customer care and satisfaction very seriously and welcome your feedback.

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