About Us

Warmkins has a global mission to not only provide a unique and wonderful product that everyone can enjoy, but to do our part in bettering the World we live in. As a multi-cause driven company, every sale helps supply Warmkins to children and adults who can benefit from their many uses. We believe in making a difference wherever we can, no matter how great or small, and we invite you to join us in doing so. Together let’s Get Warmth, Give Love and Change the World….one Warmkins at a time!

Children First

Our love for children is one of the sole reasons for our existence as a company and the driving force behind the creation of Warmkins. As a company created by a single mother of 3, children are at the heart of Warmkins. We fully support children’s causes of every kind. Whether it’s offering comfort to children in need of emotional care or helping to ease the symptoms of ailments from Cancer to Autism, our goal is to bring peace, comfort and happiness through our lovable and functional Warmkins products. With your help, we truly believe we have the ability to touch and impact the lives of children around the world.

Tending to the Suffering

Illnesses and diseases of one form or another impact all of our lives in some way. Though strides are being made daily in modern medicine, the battle against diseases continues to hedge forth as individuals and families face the daily physical and emotional challenges that accompany them. Whether it’s lending warmth and comfort to patients on Dialysis or Chemotherapy, or providing it to those suffering from depression, loneliness or even joint/muscle pains, we aim to lend comfort and support to those in need at any age. The benefits which a Warmkins can provide are numerous.